Mexico residents are being told there will be no increase in Mexico’s municipal budget for 2009-2010. Perhaps that is true, but what voters should be hearing is there will be an increase in taxes because of the school budget. Also, the county tax and the amount the state will share with the town haven’t been settled. The state government is in bad shape financially, so residents shouldn’t count on it.
And if the proposed legislation on excise tax passes, the town would also face a big shortfall. All in all, I am very much afraid for Mexico taxpayers. Top all that off with the rise in taxes some people will see because of revaluation.
No increase in municipal spending sounds good, but what really should have happened is a decrease. Mexico is down to 2,500 people and that number of residents cannot support a government as large as the town has at present. The town needs to trim personnel in all areas. Not cut services, just personnel.
I encourage Mexico residents to vote June 9 for financially responsible people who are running for selectmen.
Marjorie Richard, Mexico

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