The vote for the gay marriage bill passed the Maine House and Senate and was immediately signed into law by a governor who would have the public believe that he had not made his mind up before the vote. The Sun Journal went on to tell us how our representatives justified their votes.
Bruce Bickford of Auburn said, “This bill is not about civil liberties or civil unions; this bill is about gay and lesbian lifestyles.”
With the courage of her convictions, Sheryl Briggs of Mexico said, “It is my duty and responsibility to have to say publicly” that she “does not support the gay and lesbian lifestyle.” She said this even though her daughter, whom she loves and respects, is gay.
Larry Sirois of Turner said “God intended marriage to be between one man and one woman.” But voting otherwise, he believes is the “right thing to do.” He says, “If this bill said I would have to believe a different way than I do about marriage, about gays, I wouldn’t accept it.”
He can’t have it both ways. He should have the courage of his convictions. Sometimes it is easier to go along with what is popular. Saying that he agrees with his church, and he believes God didn’t intend the homosexual lifestyle and then saying that his support was “the right thing to do” just wasn’t being honest.
No “Profiles in Courage” reward here. I’ll send that to Briggs of Mexico.
Joan Bryant-Deschenes, Turner

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