The following students are members of the class of 2009 at Livermore Falls High School: Nicole Adams, Ryan Ames, Caleb Baron, Brendon Batchelder, Zachary Brochu, Christopher Brown, Curtis Brown, Cricket Brume-Remington, Louis Bryant, Heather Budzko,

Ross Chicoine, Joel Couture, Dylan Driscoll, Jeremy Dustin, Andrea Flaherty, Christopher Gray, Kendra Hall, Abby Hayford, Hailey Hemminger, Ryan Hodge,

Shawn Hodge, Laura Howell, Kent Jackman, Ryan Jackson, Matthew Jordan, Russell Keene, Justin Landry, Michael Langlin, Corey LaPlante, Daneka LaPoint,

Zackery La Rock, Danielle Leclerc, Dawn Lee, Matthew Lord, Kendra Lyman, Ryan Martin, Sarah Melanson, Logan Melcher, Chelsie Morris, Erika Newman,

Melissa O’Connor, Jacob Ouellette, Brandon Pearson, Justine Plourde, Christopher Remington, Tanya Rolfe, Megan Smith, Brittany Souther, Kyle Stebbins, Leonhard Stelmecke, Marley Stevens,

Joshua Tainter, Daniel Teed, Brady Therrien, Garrett Therrien, Brittany Torres, Megan Webber, Colton Webster, Karly Wilkins, Journey Williams, Michael Woodcock, Ayla Woodford.


Graduation ceremony:
Date: June 6
Time: 7 p.m.
Place: At the school 

Erika Newman is the valedictorian. Kendra Lyman is the salutatorian. 

Erika Newman
Kendra Lyman
Heather Budzko
Karly Wilkins
Laura Howell
Shawn Hodge

Kyle Stebbins
Alya Woodford
Ryan Hodge

Chelsie Morris

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