As a teacher of driver education, and parent of a teenager, I am appalled at some of the behavior I experience on the road on a daily basis. It is apparent to me, and my staff, that many drivers have clearly forgotten what a stressful time it can be learning to drive.
People should not complain about the way young people drive if they aren’t willing to set a good example.
I would ask the driving public to consider a few things when sharing the road with student drivers. These youngsters are required by law to be on the road with others during their learning process. They are nervous and scared and they will make mistakes. Horn-blowing and gestures only make the situation worse. The instructor in the vehicle is a licensed professional who is teaching technical driving according to the law. If a student drives differently than another driver, keep in mind, the student is being taught the right way. Most of us have developed a few bad habits over the years.
If a student gets confused with the pedals, they may stop at an inappropriate time. It is the responsibility of everyone on the road to keep a safe following distance. That is why there are signs on the vehicles that clearly identify there is a student driver.
These young drivers have every right to be out there learning driving skills without being abused. I expect other drivers to try a little harder and lead by example.
Karen Ward, Lewiston
Karen’s Driving Schools

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