It is important to keep track of legislation that comes before the Legislature. Here are a few that others may find interesting:
Sen. Lisa Marrache’s bill, LD 1353, takes away openness and turns back the progress legislators made for freedom of access and accountability of government. I believe all salaries of employees of state government should be open to scrutiny by the taxpayers.
Sen. David Trahan’s bill, LD 1432, is an alternative funding source instead of creating a salt water fishing license. I believe this bill will meet the requirements the federal government has dictated to the state with regards to obtaining data on Maine’s ocean front. Trahan states, “The ocean represents the last wild place of grand proportions where generations before me have freely fished, collected shells, and enjoyed a moment as part of grander world without fear of government intrusion. This simple freedom is worth far more.” 
I believe that legislation sponsored by Rep. Thomas Watson is misguided and will create a large, bureaucratic department. The bill would allow the Department of Agriculture, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, and the Department of Marine Resources to unite. It might be all right for the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to join with the Department of Marine Resources; quite often, those two departments overlay. To include a department that oversees farms, animals and livestock is not suitable.
Lois Snowe-Mello, Poland
Editor’s Note: LD 1353 was judged “Ought Not to Pass” by a unanimous vote of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee on
May 6. The other bills, LD 1432 and LD 538, remain pending. 

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