Like everything else there has to be a group that disgraces the rest with their immature actions.  I am refereeing to the rice rockets and loud hogs that think the intimidation are impressive on the city streets.  Be mature and take it to the proper place where you’re not causing issues. Remember your registration plate “Drive Safe”
— KL, Lewiston
I know this will make some enemies, but I have a huge gripe with people who smoke and put their butts everywhere on the ground. Why is it okay to litter cigarette butts? I once was at an intersection and saw a well known respected judge open his window and flick out a butt. There are fines for littering so as a society we are against it…so why is it okay to flick your butt to the ground, maybe step on it to grind it dead and then just leave it there?
We all just let it happen…just does not make sense to me- it is not like they are biodegradable, and harm our environment. What’s up with that???
— Kaileigh Tara- Lewiston
I have a gripe I would LOVE to share.  My gripe is the disrespect from some of the local kids in my town.  The teenage kids of this town have no where to go.  There is a very nice playground, which is great if you are 5.  So, these teenage kids go to the town office parking lot and skateboard.  I embrace it.  At least they are not sitting in front of a tv playing video games all day. 
What my gripe is the lack of respect some of these kids have for property and language.  I brought my 3 and 8 year old kids to ride their bikes in this same parking lot because it is the only flat, non dirt ground around here.  The language I heard caused me to pack the kids up and explain to them that we could not ride there.  Did they not see us?  Do their parents tell them that it is inappropriate when kids are around? 
One of the kids decided to start a fire in the parking lot a few days earlier.  The fire chief asked this young man to extinguish the fire.  He told the fire chief that he would not because it was public property and he was a tax payer.  At seventeen?  Interesting to say the least.  The worst part, is these parents do not care, as long as their kids are out of their hair for the afternoon.  There are still kids there at 10 p.m.  What’s wrong with this picture?  I am not sure who I am more angry at, the parent or the kid.
— Anonymous
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