LIVERMORE FALLS — A Readfield man is OK after his airplane’s engine quit and his plane went down in a cornfield and flipped onto its roof Thursday.

Phillip Tedrick, 66, held a icebag to his head where he received a large bump as he sat on the bumper of a firetruck.

Tedrick, a pilot for about 35 years, said he was driving the plane Avid Flyer, two-seater, for the first time since a new engine was installed.

“The engine quit and I couldn’t get it started again so I didn’t have enough altitude to glide back to the runway,” Tedrick said.

He had taken off from Bowman Air Field and was trying to get back there to land.

He did land in Gerard Castonguay’s cornfield off Route 133. The airfield is located on the other side of woods not too far from the scene.

An inspector with the Federal Aviation Administration is on the way up from Portland to investigate the accident.

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