This is in response to the May 14 letter from Gordon Howe.
Most scientific and psychological research points to evidence that homosexuality begins in the womb, through genes and heredity and testosterone levels. You can ask any obstetrician if they have ever seen a newborn with an on-off switch for sexuality. If that is the case, then is heterosexuality a choice?
Some people, later in life, realize their needs and feelings and live a life of coming out and being with a partner of the same sex.But others that might have these mixed feelings choose to stay hidden in the closet due to public pressure, family rejection and mere humiliation.Many of these people, out of desperation,marry and have children and form families. Unfortunately, they choose to come out later which causes hurt for everyone involved, especially children being brought up in a broken home.
That is only one reason why the gay community is asking for fairness and equal rights and the privilege of marriage.Then they wouldn’t have to go through life living a lie and in fear of losing jobs, homes, and of neighbors.
In general, gays contribute as much or more to a community than heterosexuals, so I would say that is a moral value.
Fred Grace, West Paris

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