Joan Bryant-Deschenes continues to show exactly why she lost her seat and couldn’t get it back. Not only did she run a less-than-clean campaign, she now stoops to write a letter (May 14) criticizing her replacement for putting his religious beliefs second, separating church and state and upholding civil rights.   
No one takes his position more seriously than my father, Larry Sirois. He actually visits every house in his district at least once during the campaign season, and again during the off year. He informs his constituents of bills and laws that will help them, and does everything he can to address their concerns.
My father took the vote very seriously. He randomly called more than 200 voters and 53 percent were in favor of the bill. He conveyed his decision to his church leadership in private and to the entire congregation. He offered to resign his deaconship if they were uncomfortable with his decision.
The only argument against the gay marriage bill is a religious one. Religion has no place in politics or the rule of law. The bill does not require any religion to recognize gay marriage, which is what his comments were really about.
Although my father does not believe that homosexuality is right with God, he also believes that it is an issue between that person and God.
As a representative, it’s not his job to choose what other people believe, but to uphold every individual’s right of freedom, guaranteed them under the constitution.
Wesley P. Sirois, Greene

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