I am writing this letter to correct the May 19 article in the Sun Journal, headlined “City man avoids jail in intense incident.” Let me set the facts straight.
First, I feel the Sun Journal has improperly made claims that Marcel Houle was intoxicated the night of the incident. There is no proof to back up this statement. No alcohol test was done that night because the situation was not reported to police until almost a week later by the so-called “hunters.”
Second, nowhere did the article mention when or even the fact that these two men trespassed on clearly posted private property to get to Houle’s home in the late hours of the night.
Third, no mention was made of the 9-1-1 call made by Houle on the night of the actual incident or that there was no subsequent response by the Lewiston Police Department.
It appears to me that the Sun Journal failed to do proper journalism and research the right information about both sides of this incident, and instead wrote biased untruths in regards to Houle. I believe the paper had no facts about what was said in the article.
Finally, since when have we lost the right to protect ourselves and our families in our homes when we feel threatened by intruders? The Second Amendment of the Constitution still says, as Americans, we have the right to bear arms to protect ourselves.
Mirielle Houle, Poland
Editor’s Note: All of the information published in the May 19 article was found in records filed at Androscoggin County Superior Court. The Sun Journal stands by its story. 

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