Sad. That is the only word I can think of when I read the letters to the editor of the Sun Journal regarding people’s angst about gays and marriage. Many say marriage is about procreation, and that’s all. What about happiness? What about equality? How about feeling good about your fellow brothers and sisters, because now they finally get a chance to be officially together?
The people who quote the Bible and attempt to spread God’s word — their words are nothing more than their own fear and ignorance-based thoughts.
I wonder why those against gay marriage believe they deserve more rights than the gay person standing nearby? Is it because they believe they have higher moral values and believe in God?
Big deal. How about the gay person who is going to raise a good, decent child; is an upstanding citizen; and would give the shirt off his back if asked (yes, even after being offended)?
Those against gay marriage are no better or worse than the nearest homosexual. (Who knows, might even be a family member.)
They need to get over it.
Jeff Kochis, Auburn

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