This is in response to Theresa Pelletier’s letter of May 22, titled “We must raise taxes.” While nobody would want another person to be affected by cuts, most people cannot afford any new taxes.
Many of us don’t know how long we’ll have our jobs. Also, some of us had our hours cut, so our checks are smaller now. I would like to know: What reports said raising taxes is more effective than cutting them?
In her letter, Pelletier said the public cannot afford an unhealthy workforce. Also, we cannot afford overflowing emergency rooms — we cannot afford this … we cannot afford that. She has one thing right: We can’t afford it. Look at California, which is perhaps the most liberal state in America. People there have had it with new taxes.
In the Sun Journal recently, I read how the state of Maine is looking into raising the gas tax again, to fix the roads and stuff. It’s a never-ending cycle. The state just got some stimulus money from Washington to help with the infrastructure … isn’t that enough?
If Pelletier wants to pay more taxes, she can be my guest. I just don’t want the state putting its hands in my pockets.
Clem Bechard, Lewiston

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