Dear Sun Spots: Would you happen to have an update on whether or not Bagels and Things will be reopening? I haven’t heard or read anything in regard to this in quite some time. I have a second question as well. I would like to know what churches or organizations in the Lewiston-Auburn area hold services or volunteer at the Androscoggin County Jail. – No Name, No Town.

Answer: Sun Spots does not have any information about Bagels and Things reopening in Auburn. Perhaps readers will have more information.

In response to your second question, Lane Feldman at the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Department told us that organizations don’t volunteer at the jail because most people are not allowed to come in and out of the jail on a regular basis. They have to conduct background checks and take other precautions before people can be allowed in.

However, they do have a regular group of people who coordinate things, such as the religious services. Pastor Bob Giguere coordinates all of the services at the jail and Feldman notes that they provide services for all religions. He also said that they may rotate the priests who come to the jail, but it is all taken care of through Giguere.

Other laypeople who are authorized to come in and out of the jail are their full-time teacher; a woman who conducts GED testing; and they also have a man and a woman to coordinate AA meetings for the male and female inmates.

Dear Sun Spots: As part of my exercise program I ride a bicycle on Route 17 from Mexico Corner to Roxbury and around on Route 120. What a refreshing surprise to see the road side free from trash. After some investigation, I learned that the Roxbury ATV club was responsible for that cleanup.

Thank you Roxbury ATV club for your involvement these great civic-minded duties. Maybe another time we can work further on our beautiful scenic Route 17. I do support the club and encourage anyone in our area to support it also, even if only for the great things it does. – SDC, No Town.

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