Sun Journal columnist Elliott Epstein went into great detail why he thinks marriage no longer traditional. (May 17)
The editor of the Sun Journal assists him by titling his message: “Marriage is no longer traditional.” Well, I say traditional marriage has always been between a man and woman, despite Mr. Epstein’s objections. I don’t think he makes his case, but I do believe that he has some responsibility for what he calls the “mess” that non-gays have made of their marriages.
In the book, “The Homosexual Agenda,” the authors cite what they believe have been the major causes of breakdown in marriage and family in the United States. They are: 1. no-fault divorce 2. the feminist movement 3. and now the gay movement. As an attorney, doesn’t Mr. Epstein share in the high rate of divorce in our country? In the above named book, the authors cite the number of fatherless homes that have contributed to growing homosexuals in our country. Have not the feminists belittled men and fathers in general?
Now, we have this minority group whose leaders publicly state that they wish to tear down traditional concepts of marriage and family. Bottom line for me is that our governor and the Maine Legislature have both acted most irresponsibly in not sending this huge moral issue out to the public.
Just one other observation: television coverage shows the gays always massing, always threatening, forcing themselves upon our society — we as people of Christian conviction must become outraged!
Elaine B. Graham, Farmington

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