What’s your gripe?

My gripe is landlords who STEAL your property to make a point. My 7-year-old’s new bike and new scooter were stolen from my parking spot, because the landlord said they were in his way to do yard work, however my 15-year-old’s bike remained untouched on the lawn! This landlord never told me there was an issue and never asked for those items to be removed. My son had nothing to ride last night as his other friends played and rode their bikes. BEWARE future renters, research your landlord and even though they may own many buildings, find out who you have to deal with. An immature person who has had everything handed to them on a silver platter or someone who will deal with you in a business like manner. I wonder how he would like it if someone took his puppy? Time for Mommy and Daddy to get back involved in the business.
— Deb, Lewiston

My gripe: Everything is wrapped in plastic. Plastic is made out of oil. We should be trying to conserve nonrenewable resources like oil. Why don’t we carefully unwrap from one end the things that are wrapped in plastic (multiple rolls of toilet paper, new car mats, paper towel rolls, etc.) and reuse this “bag” for collecting cat litter, trash, etc.? Of course, it’s not always feasible, but oftentimes it is.
Signed, Recycler

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