Curtain Raisers offer end-of-year laughs

FARMINGTON  — The Mt. Blue Curtain Raisers Improv Comedy Troupe wants to celebrate the end of the school year in proper fashion: on a Tuesday night in the middle of a university campus.
Senior members will perform for the last time in the Curtain Raisers’ new show, “Comedia Curiata,” at 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, June 16, in Roberts Learning Center’s Lincoln Auditorium on the University of Maine campus.  Admission is free.
Armed with just a few audience suggestions and their own creative energy, the Curtain Raisers deliver elaborate scenes, entire story lines and ridiculous shenanigans. And it is all made up on the spot.
Audiences this season have been treated to some new games such as “The Great Debate,” a look at presidential politics, as well as regular favorites, including “Anna Nicole Smith” and the late-to-work classic “Excuses.” “Comedia Curiata” pulls together all of the goings-on of the group this year into one celebration of comedy and summer.
While intended to entertain through and through, “Comedia Curiata” cannot help being a bittersweet experience because it is at the last performance for the troupe’s seniors: Zoe Hardy, Carolyn Magri, Nick Beach, Morgen Hall, Joey Slater and Jakob Wyder.
 For more information, contact troupe artistic director Dan Ryder at or 778-3561.

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