Governor defied voters

Recently, I was approached outside my local grocery store and asked to sign a petition against same-sex marriage. I told the man I wasn’t against same-sex marriage. Then he explained to me that it wasn’t about same-sex marriage — it was about telling the governor that he shouldn’t go behind voters’ backs and sign a bill that the majority didn’t want.
I had to agree.
The governor was elected by the majority of the people to represent the majority of the people. His job, the one taxpayers pay him to do, is to represent Maine’s residents. Some of the issues he has to deal with, he has to believe the majority of people would want. But the people of Maine spoke loud and clear more than once on the issue of same-sex marriage.
The governor ignored the people of Maine when he signed the bill.
Was it because he has his own agenda? Was it because of political pressure? Was it because he thinks voters are just backwoods Mainers and too stupid to know what they want?
Whatever the reason, the people of Maine need to tell the governor, loud and clear, that he works for them. He was elected to represent them.
Whether same-sex marriage is right or not isn’t the reason for the petition. I encourage others to sign the petition to tell the governor that he should listen to the majority. Taxpayers pay him to represent the majority.
Barbara Cleary, Mechanic Falls

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