My story of hope is …

By Belinda Smith,
Memiers Misfits Team

I am writing to tell about why our team supports the Relay. Our team started back twelve years ago. The team Memiers Misfits, which was named by my mom, Shirley Comeau, started when my mom decided she wanted to start a team when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She and many of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and friends formed a team to help raise money for the cause.
My mom continued her fight, going through many treatments including chemotherapy, radiation, and even a stem cell transplant in Boston. She looked forward to attending the Relay every year, and even with all she was going through, she still made every Relay except when she had her stem cell transplant. She was very disappointed she couldn’t make the Relay that year.
She continued her battle for five and a half years. Then, sadly, she lost her battle on September 2, 2002. Without all the research made possible through events like this, we would not have had her here for those five and a half years.
I decided to have a plaque presented in her memory every year to someone who is battling cancer and who supports the Relay like she did. So this is why our family and friends continue to support this wonderful cause, hoping that others will have that extra chance at life like she did.
In closing, I would like to add that just recently my mom’s brother, Richard “Dick” Comeau, was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He was also a big supporter and attended the Relay on her behalf. So now there is yet another reason to Relay and have hope that there will be help for him.
Every new treatment found through research is another Ray of Hope for someone with cancer. So let’s keep up the fight!

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