Dear residents of Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford counties,

For many people, the thought of buying a home can become frustrating and overwhelming. There are so many questions to consider. What can I afford? How much money do I need for a down payment? Do I have to worry about predatory lenders? Is my credit good enough to get a mortgage? What about insurance and maintenance costs?

In an effort to make the process a little less daunting, as well as provide improved lending services to Androscoggin, Oxford and Franklin County residents, Community Concepts is proud to introduce the HomeQuest Neighborworks HomeOwnership Center.

Comprised of a team of licensed real estate agents, lending professionals, credit counselors, and homebuyer educators, HomeQuest is dedicated to assisting potential and current homeowners.

This endeavor enables Community Concepts to expand our offerings in the tri-county area and provide a one-stop shop for those seeking to become a successful homeowner. Prior to meeting with a HomeQuest Real Estate agent, potential homeowners can attend a nationally approved homebuyer education class, meet with a credit counselor, or pre-qualify for a mortgage through the Community Concepts Financial Corporation.

In the current national housing environment, we see the need to provide this unique one-stop shopping approach to local residents participating in the homeownership process. We can take people from the beginning of the home buying process, from determining what they can afford through our Homebuyer Education classes, to finding the right house for them through our in-house real estate agents, to helping them obtain financing.


For those who are experiencing poor credit, counselors are available to help establish a budget, restructure debt and address credit issues. There are also services available for those who already have a mortgage and need help with current housing issues or managing debt.

As a full service real estate office, the HomeQuest Neighborworks HomeOwnership Center even has home packages, which include homes and lots for sale for prospective homebuyers to consider, or the Center can help prospective homebuyers find a home elsewhere through the Maine Multiple Listings.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Community Concepts and the HomeQuest Neighborworks HomeOwnership Center. We are proud to serve the residents of Central Maine.

Warmest Regards,

Dennis Lajoie

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