Maine Printing/MPX uses technology to make companies more efficient

In light of so many negative headlines surrounding the business world locally and around the country, Maine Printing Company/MPX has identified a niche to help organizations save money by evaluating processes, developing cost-saving solutions, and reviewing procurement policies and pricing. MPX is now, and has always been, a printing company that is grounded in innovative solutions utilizing various technologies. This has enabled MPX to work with clients to improve efficiencies by providing services that save the client money.

MPX has succeeded in building its revenue and client base by adapting to the market and offering solutions companies actually need in this economy. Instead of reducing the workforce, cutting back on marketing spending, or reducing procurement spending, MPX is looking at our clients’ operations and marketing efforts, and providing solutions that solve problems, reduce costs, or improve efficiencies.

By staying ahead of the technology curve, MPX has the ability to offer our clients innovative solutions to their printing, mailing, fulfillment, and marketing needs. During the last several months, MPX has implemented the following cost-saving solutions for our clients:

MPX implemented an electronic forms management system for a large payment processing and information management company that will save them over $300,000 in 2009.

Using the MPXonline e-commerce portal for procurement of supplies and materials needed at each location throughout the country, a large Maine retailer saves over $100,000 a year in time management alone.

MPX will save a large telecommunications company over $250,000 per year by implementing an innovative return mail solution that reduces employee’s workload and greatly reduces wasted postage due to undeliverable mail.

The above examples are just a few of the solutions MPX has delivered to clients to address the need to reduce costs. In many cases, our clients have had to reduce headcount while the remaining employees find ways to become more efficient, handling several individuals’ prior responsibilities in addition to their own. The answer for these organizations has been to outsource these responsibilities to MPX to achieve better efficiencies, pricing, and to divert resources to revenue-generating activities.

In today’s world of diminished workforces and shrinking budgets, MPX has been able to expand our team to include technology-based experience and other resources helpful to developing and managing solutions for clients. By moving forward with unique and technologically advanced projects, we can offer our clients cost-saving solutions that meet their needs. MPX will stand strong through the current economy, and in future economies, as long as we continue to adapt with technology, fight for our customers, and develop unique, innovative, and technologically advanced solutions that will save them time and money, in hopes that they will stand strong alongside us.

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