Homosexual activists in Maine are gaining momentum in their efforts to make their radical social engineering ideas into reality. This army of activists is justifiably filling homosexuals with hope for the future of their cause.

The individuals and faith-based groups that are suffering losses to this juggernaut claim that their freedom of religion is being sacrificed.

In truth, the problem is far more pernicious than that. It is nothing less than a revolutionary redefinition of the pillar institution of society. No civilization in history, not even those quite tolerant of homosexuality and trans-sexuality, has ever proposed redefining the concept of marriage.

The legal protections surrounding the marriage of a man and woman, and the children who emerge naturally from that union, are intended to safeguard the family — the fundamental building block of civilization.

The legal obstacles facing homosexual and other couples have been constructed expressly, in society after society throughout history, to discourage behavior that undermines social stability.

Evidence is plentiful showing the benefits of traditional marriage to both husband and wife, as well as society at large, and the high cost associated with its dissolution.

Look at Romans, Chapter 1.

The Rev. Robert Roy, Auburn

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