LEWISTON — Central Maine Christian Academy recently announced the fourth quarter awards.
Academic awards for highest honors in grades four and up were presented to Allison Beecher, Emily McLean, Lex-C Jimenez and Peter Field.
Second honor awards were presented to Brandyn Hobbs, Cassidy Saldana, Caeli Beecher, Gabrielle St. Hilaire, Ryan McLean, Ashley Fenderson, Amy Jordan, Jessica Beecher and Garrett Glass.
President’s education awards were presented to Brandyn Hobbs, Cassidy Saldana, Allison Beecher, Amy Jordan, Lex-C Jimenez, Gabrielle St. Hilaire, Caeli Beecher, Ryan McLean, Garrett Glass, Emily McLean, Ashley Fenderson and Peter Field.
Perfect attendance for fourth quarter were awarded to Courtney Fenderson, Zaqary Stiles, Ashley Fenderson, Gabrielle Ames, Adrianna Roy, Bobby Simard, Brandyn Hobbs, Aaron Lindahl, Peter Field and Rebecca Chabot.
Perfect attendance for year was awarded to Brandyn Hobbs and Ashley Fenderson.

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