The Androscoggin River Alliance has produced a detailed, high-quality map of the Androscoggin River watershed which includes canoe launch sites, boat ramps, picnic areas and other points of interest. The Sun Journal ran a wonderful feature on the map which has generated a great deal of interest in it. The ARA has been distributing the maps to the public at no charge.

Over the weekend the Sun Journal included a warm endorsement of ARA for its efforts in producing the map and making them available to the public. The short piece commented on the lack of access between Rumford and Leeds. In a subsequent edition, the newspaper apologized for failing to acknowledge the existence of private access points in that area. The ARA wants to clarify that the map includes only public access points.

It was not ARA’s intention to show private access points on the map. ARA did not want to show points which may be discontinued or the public use of which may inconvenience the owner. That being said, unfortunately the map did fail to include a recently created access point at Canton Point. In order to create the map, there had to be a cutoff date for printing purposes. As a result the Canton access was omitted.

ARA apologizes but hopes the map will be of great benefit and bring much enjoyment to citizens of the River Valley. We hope it will lead to much greater awareness of the value of the Androscoggin to us all.

Laurence A. Faiman, Auburn
President, Androscoggin River Alliance

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