Today’s savings: $12.04

On Saturday, I picked strawberries at Stevenson’s Farm in Wayne. The berries are not as sweet as usual because they’re growing without sunshine, but they’re ripe and ready to pick.
I picked 16.30 pounds, about 11 quarts, and paid $25.28. That’s $1.55 per pound. A 16-ounce container of California strawberries at Shaw’s this week costs $2.29. A 6-ounce bag of sliced frozen berries at Hannaford is $1.59, $4.24 per pound.
If I had purchased 16.3 pounds of California berries, I would have spent $37.32. Buying that amount of frozen berries would have cost $69.11.By picking the berries myself, I saved $12.04 compared to the California berries and saved $43.83 compared to the frozen fruit.
After hulling the berries, I use a food processor to slice the fruit, add sugar and enjoy. The berries also freeze well and can be eaten later.
— Beverly Coolidge, East Dixfield

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