This is in response to Barbara Cleary’s letter, June 13, in which she wrote about how she was told that a petition being circulated wasn’t against same-sex marriage; it was about sending the governor a message that he shouldn’t have gone behind the voters’ backs and signed the bill legalizing same-sex marriage. She was convinced of that message by the person gathering the signatures.

I believe the petition drive is to deny same-sex couples equality.

In reading a story about how the petition effort is being questioned, it seems there was a worker with two petitions on a table — one for same-sex marriage, the other against. Yet both petitions were the same.

There are groups that are that deceptive and train their workers to lie. I would remind those workers of what Jesus said, “Whatsoever you do to your brothers or sisters, that you do unto me.” The Bible says that God sees and hears everything. One day, they will come face to face with him.

Now I hear how a California firm is being hired to come to Maine to help defeat the new law. If people have ample money to splurge on being unChristian, why not use that money to help feed the poor or the many homeless families in Maine.

Rolande I. Caron, South Paris

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