Today’s savings: $47.34

Newspapers often have hundreds of square feet of blank newsprint paper left on rolls after a press run, and will sell these rolls, which are great for drawing and coloring paper or other projects. The Sun Journal offers the paper at $1 per roll, or $45 for a Gaylord container, or shipping box full of about 60 end-rolls, but you’ll need a truck to haul the load.
The cost to buy a partial roll of newsprint paper is a fraction of the cost of buying sketch paper or coloring books for children, even if you shop for these items at the Dollar Store. Plus, the size is unusual and children enjoy being able to pull a roll of paper out across a table for big projects, or out on the floor to draw a road system for toy cars.
The paper can also be used, with a little effort, for corporate brain-storming sessions instead of using 20-inch by 34-inch easel paper, at $47.34 for two flip-chart style pads.

— 365 Ways to Live Cheap!

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