LEWISTON — An unidentified man robbed a Big Apple convenience store Monday and escaped with cash and what appeared to be alcohol, police said.
A clerk called police to report that at about 11:30 p.m., the store at 1892 Lisbon Road had been robbed. He said a white man of average height and build with blond hair grabbed cash out of his hand as he was putting it in the store safe, police Lt. Mark Cornelio said.
The man also left the store with a six-pack of what appeared to be beer in one hand and a bottle in the other. The clerk said the man appeared to be unarmed, Cornelio said.
He said police don’t believe the man was an FBI agent, despite the lettering on his ball cap.
Police interviewed the clerk and two customers who were in the store at the time, Cornelio said.
Anyone with information about the robbery is urged to call Lewiston Police Detective James Theiss at 513-3138, ext. 3322.

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