One of many indicators of the accomplishments of a legislator is the number and type of bills they submit. Below is a list of the bill topics that each Androscoggin County lawmaker submitted in the last legislative session, and the status of the bill. To learn more about a particular bill, go to and insert the LD number into the search field located on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


Sen. Margaret Craven, D-Lewiston 

LD 400 – Implement Long-term care Blue Ribbon Commission recommendations: Became law

LD 808 – Capitalize the municipal investment trust fund with municipal revenue-sharing: Dead

LD 809 – Preserve viability of services for Mainers with mental retardation: Dead

LD 1185 – Require cause of termination:

LD 1276 – Ensure that high quality services are provided to behavioral health clients: Dead

LD 1434 – Asbestos abatement work: Dead

LD 1437 – Allow video gaming for money conducted by nonprofits: Carried over

Sen. John Nutting, D-Leeds 

LD 67 – Ban smoking in state park beaches: Law

LD 68 – Composition of the Pesticides Board: Dead

LD 178 – Create support animal welfare plate: Law

LD 229 – Promote clean waters in the state: Dead

LD 337 – Emergency involuntary admission of Department of Health and Human Services charge to state mental institution:

LD 341 – Amend Department of Health and Human Services’ progressive treatment program: Law

LD 351 – Regulation of agricultural composting operations: Dead

LD 359 – Ensure MaineCare payments not be used by hospitals for advertising: Dead

LD 367 – Reduce amount of plastic introduced to the waste stream: Resolve

LD 396 – Regarding installation of solar energy systems:

LD 457 – An act regarding nuisance beaver: Dead

LD 458 – Licensing equine boarding facilities: Resolve

LD 492 – Criminal history record information: Dead

LD 665 – Enhance safety of Maine bridges: Dead

LD 674 – Lower the cost of government in Department of Agriculture: Dead

LD 675 – Lower the cost of government in Health and Human Services: Dead

LD 676 – Lower the cost of government in Inland Fisheries and Wildlife: Dead

LD 677 – Lower the cost of government in Education: Dead

LD 681 – Lower the cost of government in state and local government: Dead

LD 691 – Lower the cost of government in Marine Resources: Dead

LD 692 – Best management practices for poultry production: Resolve

LD 742 – Amend composition of Maine Commission on Domestic and Sexual Abuse: Law

LD 746 – Lower the cost of government in Natural Resources: Dead

LD 1018 – Make Maine Music Educators Association tax-exempt: Dead

LD 1019 – Strengthen Informed Growth Act: Dead

LD 1021 – Prevent cruel confinement of cows raised for veal and sows in gestation: Law

LD 1131 – A law regarding the passing of school buses by bicycles: Law

LD 1360 – Allow law enforcement petition to initiate assisted outpatient treatment: Carried over

Sen. Deb Simpson, D-Auburn 

LD 84 – An act to ensure fair pay: Law

LD 300 – Increase child support collection by expanding new hire reporting requirements: Law

LD 301 – Require home sellers to disclose energy usage data: Dead

LD 399 – An act to increase child support collections:

LD 460 – Evaluate climate change adaption options for the state: Resolve

LD 461 – Adopt amendments to the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act: Law

LD 690 – Concerning domestic violence and firearms: Resolve

LD 723 – Require the Department of Environmental Protection to amend rules for hydropower projects require cost-benefit analysis: Dead

LD 1025 – Allow choice of wine by Maine consumers: Dead

LD 1125 – Improve home foreclosure process: Dead

LD 1156 – Amend laws of recycling televisions: Law

LD 1459 – Modify child support enforcement procedures: Law


Michael Beaulieu, R-Auburn

LD 217 – Increase transparency in long-term care: Dead

Bruce Bickford, R-Auburn

LD 753 – Prohibit food stamps to be used on food subject to state sales tax: Dead

Brian Bolduc, D-Auburn 

LD 422 – Require the teaching of Franco American history:

LD 636 – Cut school administrators: Dead

LD 646 – Improve the quality of Maine rivers: Dead

LD 817 – Ban on merit pay for teachers: Dead

LD 1160 – Prevent teachers from being hired by a relative or spouse: Dead

LD 1161 – Increase the transfer of credits between different University of Maine campuses: Dead

LD 1162 – Change how the University of Southern Maine grants teaching credentials: Dead

LD 1167 – Limit doctors’ work week: Dead

Michael Carey, D-Lewiston

LD 832 – Lobbyist disclosure: Law

LD 833 – Substance abuse funds: Carried over

LD 834 – Veterans’ Service Officers:

LD 865 – HIV Advisory Committee:

LD 1041 – Political party to become qualified party: Law

LD 1210 – Volunteer lobbyists for nonprofits: Law

LD 1375 – General assistance formula:

LD 1420 – Clean Elections for gubernatorial candidates: Carried over

Dale Crafts, R-Lisbon 

LD 952 – Disability placards: Law

Stacy Dostie, D-Sabattus 

LD 435 – Sabattus traffic light: Dead

LD 901 – Restrict size of political signs on vehicles: Dead

LD 1298 – Special education funding for minimum subsidy receivers: Dead

LD 1300 – Head injury safety requirements for school athletic programs: Resolve

Gary Knight, R-Livermore Falls

LD 155 – Ban smoking on public beaches: Dead

LD 195 – Make excise tax a percentage of manufacturer’s price: Carried over

LD 196 – Exempt military pensions from state income tax:

LD 197 – Exempt severance pay from state income tax : Dead

LD 198 – Recouple Maine estate tax with federal estate tax:

LD 202 – Direct the Department of Corrections to accept bank checks from inmates: Dead

LD 321 – State residency requirement for eligibility of general assistance: Dead

Mike Lajoie, D-Lewiston

LD 1323 – Control costs of college textbooks: Dead

John Robinson, R-Raymond

LD 143 – Amend process for municipality secession from county: Dead

LD 587 – Allow board of selectman fill vacancy on that board: Dead

Peggy Rotundo, D-Lewiston 

LD 261 – Increase safety in construction zones: Dead

LD 520 – Regulate firearms on public campuses: Law

LD 705 – Clarify position of state archivist: Dead

LD 870 – Improve transportation for veterans: Dead

LD 1362 – Create unified Board of Higher Education: Dead

Larry Sirois, D-Turner 

LD 1048 – Increase bottle deposits: Dead

LD 1051 – Encourage tire recycling: Dead

LD 1052 – Allow for use of net metering for energy production by consumers: Dead

LD 1272 – Establish income tax credit for purchase of certain wood burning boilers or stoves: Dead

Nancy Smith, D-Monmouth 

LD 50 – Add hard cider to bottle deposit list:

LD 100 – Improve oral health for Maine children: Resolve

LD 421 – License qualifications for independent practice dental hygenists: Law

LD 904 – Legalize growlers: Law

LD 1372 – Simplify Maine’s accountancy laws: Law

LD 1394 – Modify regional economic development revolving loan program:

LD 1455 – Establish Maine Fuel Board: Law

LD 1468 – Evaluation of economic development programs: Law

LD 1473 – Pine Tree Development zones: Law

David Van Wie, D-New Gloucester 

LD 858 – Bond proposal for energy investments: Dead

LD 948 – Reduce cost of Maine Clean Election Act: Dead

LD 1114 – Facilitate the marketing of power produced by small generators:

LD 1251 – Reduce the cost of permitting of business development: Dead

Dick Wagner, D-Lewiston 

LD 186 – Ban animal fighting paraphernalia: Dead

LD 376 – Remove domestic court cases from the probate court: Dead

LD 523 – Enter a memorandum of understanding regarding early childhood intervention: Dead

LD 795 – Enhance public information about the MaineCare program: Dead

LD 1378 – Adopt portions of the Uniform Mediation Act: Carried over

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