When faced with tough decisions, many people look for outside input, either from friends, parents, etc. The accepted wisdom is that collective knowledge can inform individual experience. Hunch (http://www.hunch.com) follows that maxim, harvesting the communal brainpower stored in social networking to help users make smart decisions.
Hunch helps you narrow down your options by asking you a series of questions (up to 10 but sometimes less) about the topic you’re deciding about. It then returns a series of results based on your responses. But the process doesn’t end there.
The service then gives you the option to agree or disagree with the results. If you disagree, it asks you for reasons why.
Hunch’s decision-making system is adaptive it is dependent on user input and feedback to refine its results. The more people use it, the more information it can gather and, thus, the better tuned Hunch’s results will be.
The service is also good for social networking and can match you with other users with similar tastes and preferences as well as with users who are completely different.
The next time you’re faced with a decision (which running shoes to buy, where to go on vacation, etc.) put Hunch’s crowd-sourcing knowledge base to the test.

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