He has been riding ever since he was a peanut,” said Mike Wright of his son, Spencer.

Spencer Wright got his first Razor motorcycle when he was 2. The bike’s front tire would rise off the ground each time he revved up the electric motor because he was so small, said his dad. Skateboard wheels were made into a set of training wheels to help with the wheelie problem.

Wright bought his son his second bike, a black chopper, when Spencer turned 5. The bike’s weight limit is 250 pounds. Spencer weighs in at a whopping 45 pounds.

Each of Spencer’s two motorcycles came with a warning sticker suggesting that no one under 16 should operate the machine.

“We peeled those stickers off,” said Mike Wright, who has been playing around with motorbikes since he was 6 years old. “We tore (the motorcycles) all apart. We stripped them down on the coffee table and customized them, made them ours.”

Plastic covers that made the bike’s small rechargeable motor look larger and meaner were removed. Custom graphics and flames were added for style and a “$” sign was stuck to the side of the chopper’s motor.

“It cranks around pretty good with him on it,” Mike said. Spencer prefers his chopper over the Razor because “it’s faster,” he said.

With “Team Wright” tattooed on his left arm, Mike Wright proudly watches his only child motor around an empty parking lot. Team Wright refers to “me and him,” he said, indicating the 7-year-old boy wearing Pikachu socks while driving his flame-covered chopper.

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