Today’s savings: $245.76
Living with a nasty tub that you want to refinish but aren’t terribly keen on the price tag to hire out the work? There’s a simple, effective homemade solution that you can try.
Wet the surface of the tub and sprinkle it with cream of tartar. Rub the powder with the cut surface of a lemon. A little elbow grease, and 30 minutes later your tub will be white as new. Two lemons and a half-jar of cream of tartar generally do the trick, and can be repeated as often as the tub requires.
A 1.5-ounce jar of McCormick brand cream of tartar is $4.49; you’ll use half, so the cost is $2.24. Add a couple of lemons for another $2, and the total cost is $4.24. Compare that to the cost of refinishing, which can run between $250 and $500, and you’ve saved a bundle.
— Tightwad Gazette
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