LEWISTON – McMahon Elementary School has announced the fourth quarter honor roll.

Grade four

High honors: Breanna Beauchesne, Rukiyo Hussein, Abdifatah Alew, Andre Coachman, Alexis Elsman, Sydney Usher, Zachary Rioux, Rhegan Wailus, Megan Goding.

Honors: Matthew Boulet, Chloe Morin, Khadija Haji, Ajay Beaudoin, Kyle Cyr, Jacob Morin, Faith Cook, Nicholas Folster, Ian Hussey, Katana Langlais, Victoria Mathieu, Bradley McLellan, Arbay Shidad, Morgan Allen, Savahanna Kasevich, Garey Hodgkins, Jase Carter Reed, Thorne Hutton, Hunter Iezzi, Devon Westleigh.

Grade five

High honors: Sylvia Schulze.


Honors: Olivia Bergeron, Courtney Desmarais, Austin Wing, Chad Dumais, Marisa Green, Corinne Laberge, Madison McCallum, Hannah Pray, Matthe Austin, Michael Danforth III, Dahir Abdirahman.

Grade six

High honors: Nicole Footer, Jessica Boulet, Margaruette Seguin, Charles Bradrick.

Honors: Garrison Hebert, Hassan Hussein, Alex Grenier, Beth Caron, Nick Provencher, Nathan Cook, Erica Lemieux, Samantha Rioux, Brandon Langlois, Katie Sehl, Tia Ayer, Ismail Hirsi, Makaela Field, Andrea Hamel, Erin Hubbard, Trevor Liick, Ty Murphy, Sabrina Nadeau, Tanner Pitman, Norah Schlax, Emily Schulze, Alexis Roy, Jozef Frechette, Rylee Letourneau, Paige Fontaine, Elizabeth Thibodeau, Keenan Lynch, Lucas Rushton, Sheon James, Sydney Mourey, Hawo Shidad, Dixon Dilodovico.

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