This is in reference to the upcoming special moose hunt in Aroostook County. State officials have pulled a fast one on those hunters who have been putting in for a permit since the point system started, plus buying extra chances and hoping that the point system would result in a better chance of getting picked.


From what I have been told and understand (unless I’m wrong), on this upcoming special moose hunt, the state gave 55 percent of the permits to landowners. I have no problem with that. But the other 45 percent of permits went to guides, who could then give out three apiece.

I’m thinking the way that worked out would be two for the highest bidders and one, perhaps, for a friend. The aggravating thing is the people going on that hunt will also be able to put in for the next regular hunt. So, all the time that we were made to buy chances or lose all our points, it didn’t mean anything.

In the future, I’m going to save my money and spend it hunting in the South or in Canada.

Paul Cyr, Greene

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