Money from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has been allocated to the state of Maine and has supposedly been disbursed to qualifying institutions. To the best of my knowledge, ARRA funding to Maine has been depleted.

Renovating the Rumford Public Library, at its location, has always seemed logical to me. Its location, with the beauty of the trees and flowing river, attracts tourists for its uniqueness.

Members of the Rumford Public Library Growth Committee have given their views. I’m sure they are sincere in stating them, but other citizens of Rumford have their views, too. We should not forget the annual town meeting of June 4, 2001, when Article 34 passed to dedicate the former Stephens High School site at the Stephens High School Memorial Park.

Renovate the Rumford Public Library.

Marie S. Boudreau, Rumford

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