I feel I must respond to an article and the editorial in the Sun Journal published on July 17 and 18. Both articles implied that diocesan funds allocated for the referendum campaign to maintain the traditional definition of marriage should rather be spent to retain faculty positions at Trinity Catholic School and to maintain St. Joseph and St. Patrick Churches in Lewiston.

It is understandable that caring parishioners are searching for a quick solution to funding problems; but parishes and Catholic schools in Maine are established on the premise that the local faith community will provide the financial support necessary for the operating budget.

It is incorrect to think that Prince of Peace Parish or Trinity Catholic School can depend on a one-time or recurring subsidy from the Diocese to maintain our own operations locally. The difficult reality is, if parishes or schools have trouble making ends meet, it is the responsibility of the parish community to find a local solution.

Monsignor Marc B. Caron, pastor
Prince of Peace Parish, Lewiston

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