When former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was approached by Sen. John McCain as his pick for vice president, she said yes, yes, yes. Why? Because she has a triple-A personality: me, myself and I.

A reasonable woman who just gave birth would refuse the offer. A reasonable mother, knowing that her teenage daughter was pregnant, would think twice before placing her daughter on national television.

Her oldest son left home at an early age to join the military. If I  had a mother like his (and a father who is an overgrown boy who loves to play more than work), I would also run to the military to become a man.

Palin blames the media for exposing and picking on her children, but it was she who chose to bring them to the public eye.

Family values begin at home. Palin’s daughter has joined a Christian group advocating sexual abstinence before marriage. She has a son who is dragging her down. I just hope that she doesn’t become her mother’s daughter.

Palin has quit her job as governor in order to nourish her narcissistic needs: fame and money.

If Palin is the best person to represent the Republican Party, the conservative movement is in deep trouble.

Is Sarah Palin what Americans want for the next president? I think not.

Rolande I. Caron, South Paris

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