Today’s savings: $36

I have purchased three pairs of good-quality tweezers over the years and, after much use, none of them worked well. In desperation, I gave them to my husband to see if he would straighten them or do some magic thing to get them to work.

He took a piece of fine sandpaper, folded it and ran it along the inside edges of the tweezers. I think he filed off a very fine layer of body oil that had collected from their use. The tips are shiny and work wonderfully now. They grip so much better that it hurts less to pluck an eyebrow.

I purchased these tweezers for about $6 each, but the same quality costs closer to $18 now. If you buy one pair, and use sandpaper to freshen it, you can avoid the cost of replacing this item over time.

— Beverly Coolidge, East Dixfield

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