Dear Sun Spots: Does anyone know an organization willing to take leftover items after a yard sale is finished? Call 628-6035. Thank you. — Bonnie, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: Does anyone know how to get Desitin out of clothing? Stain removers like Shout wouldn’t touch it. I tried using powder as it is greasy but that didn’t work. I called Johnson & Johnson and they didn’t know; they said to check with my local dry cleaner. We don’t have a local dry cleaner. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. — No Name, Mexico.

Answer: As the mother of a 2-year-old, Sun Spots has surprisingly not run into this situation yet. We referred to some “mom” blogs and other sites that we frequent, and found that the most recommended way to remove the Desitin is to use Dawn dish soap and hot water; as hot as you can stand to put your hand in should do the trick.

One mom said she used this to clean her couch, which her daughter “painted” white with Desitin. She said it removed the ointment from the fabric and also from her daughter’s clothes. Her theory is that the grease fighting part of the detergent loosened the grease and the hot water melted it away. 

Another mom noted to use hot water and detergent, rubbing it into the clothing to remove the oil, then said if the Desitin contains zinc oxide, you should soak the garment in white vinegar for 30 minutes after the treatment.

Dear Sun Spots: I would like to make contact with anyone who worked at the Bates Mill in the No. 3 rayon weave room. My father Joseph Berube was a shuttle fixer and I was a weaver during the 1940s and 1950s. My name is Normand Berube and I may be reached at 783-3850. — Normand, Lewiston.


Dear Sun Spots: I have a typewriter that I don’t know what to do with. Computers are in now. If there is anyone out there who has a need for a typewriter, I have a Smith-Corona, word processing typewriter for free. Call Rita at 562-7450. Thank you. — Rita, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: My husband and I attended the “Echoes in Time” show, this was an event to benefit the Museum L/A. At the end of the show I purchased a DVD about the evening’s events; the DVD was to be sent to us at a later date. All I have is the cover with a number inside and marked paid. My account has been charged for it. Can you help? — No Name, No Town.

Answer: Susan at Museum L/A told Sun Spots that the DVD is still in the production stage and distribution is scheduled for mid-August. 

Dear Sun Spots: In regards to Alfred Dunner slacks, etc., they can also be found in the Anthony Richards catalog.

Also, we are no longer getting the Grand Ole Opry on GAC TV network. I have tried to find out from but haven’t received any answer as to why they have stopped showing it on their channel. Can you get an answer from them? If they aren’t going to have it anymore it would be nice if another channel picked it up, such as RFD. Thanks.— H. Cole, Greenwood.

Answer: Those who may be interested in ordering an Anthony Richards catalog, call the Customer Service department at AmeriMark Direct at 1-877-268-9594.

According to the GAC and The Opry Web sites, The Opry on GAC will be on production hiatus through summer and will return with new episodes in the fall. No specific date was announced.

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