It is incredible to hear conservative Republicans talking about the
Obama administration promoting fascism. That, after eight years of
George W. Bush, who attacked constitutional protections and seized
power for his presidency the way fascist dictators had in the 20th
century. And Bush certainly had the support of all
Republicans. In fact, the Republicans were like lemmings and they took us
all over the cliff.

The current deficit was created by Republicans, who cut taxes for
the very rich and corporate America. Bush and the Republicans
also got this country involved in two wars of aggression, the costs of
which have only recently shown up in the annual budget.

After 9/11, Republicans claimed that the world was a
dangerous place, so they about doubled the Pentagon’s budget. That budget has risen steadily ever
since. Now, all of a sudden, the Republicans are deficit hawks. To me,
they are hypocrites.

Conservative Republicans have done everything possible to bankrupt
the federal and state governments.

Look for more hate speech from
Republicans appealing to angry, white males as mid-term elections

Judson R. Duncan, Monmouth

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