Recently, I phoned the office of Sen. Olympia Snowe and the offices of Reps. Mike Michaud and Chellie Pingree to obtain information as to when they were going to schedule their meetings with taxpayers to discuss health care.

Not to my surprise, none of them had scheduled meetings. The usual response was that their schedules for the month had not been finalized. Here it is going into the second week in August and they do not know where they are going to be.

I know where they will not be — they will not be facing their constituents and the questions the public may have on health care and other subject matter.

I have also written to each of the four elected federal representatives. I stated my opposition to any changes in the health care system that would impact those people who have worked diligently all of their lives, paid their way and are still willing to do so. I also asked each one, very pointedly, that if any changes were to be made, would they be subject to those changes or would they exempt themselves?

So far, I have received one response, from Sen. Susan Collins’ office. She (or her spokesperson) explained her position; however, she did not answer my question whether or not she and the members of Congress will be subject to any changes made.

The public simply does not matter to them unless they are up for election. Our people in Washington forgot us a long time ago.

Paul Parquette, Lewiston

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