RANGELEY — “From the Archives of the Orgone Institute: Current Projects, Research and Publishing” will be the subject of this year’s summer conference Monday through Thursday, July 13 to 16, at the Wilhelm Reich Museum’s Conference Center, Dodge Pond Road.
The archives of the Orgone Institute are the personal, medical and scientific archives of research physician and scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich, whose books were banned and burned by the United States government in the 1950s.
Reich’s archives are located at the Countway Library of Medicine at Harvard University. And in 2007, 50 years after Reich’s death, the archives became accessible to scholars and researchers for the first time.
The conference will feature presentations of some of the archival materials (documents, audiotapes, films, laboratory notebooks) as well as lectures by individuals who have been researching the materials.
Among the lectures are “Reich’s Unpublished Laboratory Notebooks” by James Strick, PhD; “Reich’s Unpublished Work Democracy Papers,” Philip Bennett, PhD; “New Book and Documentary Film Project,” Mary Higgins and Kevin Hinchey of the Wilhelm Reich Museum; and “Reich’s Experimental Work in Biology: Technical Questions and Issues,” biologist Grier Sellers.
Archival films will include “Reich’s Bion and Cancer Films” and various personal films. Audiotapes will include “Reich’s Experiments with Geiger-Müller Counters to Develop the Orgone Motor” and “Reich’s Founding of the Orgonomic Infant Research Center.”
Registration fee is $275, or $75 a day. For more information or to register, visit www.wilhelmreichmuseum.org, or call 864-3443.

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