WILTON — Meadow Lanes bowlingresults for the Tuesday Summer Mixed League on July 28 were: men’s high game scratch: Kyle Walton 213, Bill Allen 21, Mike Crandall 202; men’s high series scratch: Bill Allen 576, Harry Hicks 531, Kyle Walton 513.

Men’s high game handicap: Mike Crandall 261, Kyle Walton 240, Bill Allen 238; men’s high series handicap: Mike Crandall 669, Bill Allen 660, Steve Lilley 654.

Women’s high game scratch: Eunice Shurtleff 158, Mary Hutchinson 156, Cathy Walton 151; women’s high series scratch: Eunice Shurtleff 449, Cathy Walton 405, Muriel Lisherness 383.

Women’s high game handicap: Julie Harnden 237, Autumne Smith 233, Mary Hutchinson 221; women’s high series handicap: Julie Harnden 666, Belinda Lilley 628, Autumne Smith 623.

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