MSAD #58

MSAD # 58 wants to remind parents that it is your responsibility to have your students out at their stop at least 10 minutes before your normal pick up time. Our buses average over 40 pick-ups every morning. Waiting even 1 minute for each pick up would make the bus more than one half hour late for school. The Drivers have been instructed not to wait for students who are not at their stops. These routes are subject to change as needed.
Madrid Run -Toothaker Pond – Betty White
will depart the Phillips School at 6:25 am. She will proceed to Bredeau’s corner turning left onto Voter Hill Road, picking up students along the way. She will then go to Toothaker Pond Road, Reed’s Mills Road, arriving at the Madrid Bridge at about 7:05. She will turn north on Rt. 4 traveling to Pelham’s , turn around heading south on Rt. 4. She will then turn onto the Toothaker Pond Road turning around at the Poland residence, returning to Rt. 4. She will then go to the # 6 road and then back to the Phillips School, where she will drop off students. She will then go to Old Blake Hill Road, Park Street, Dodge Road, Rt. 4 north and back to the Elementary School arriving there at 7:45.
Rt. 4 and Avon Valley Run – Kathy Howard
will depart Salem at 6:40 am. She will pick up at the Arms’ and Ben Mitchell’s on the way to Rt.4. She will turn around at Kelvin Pillsbury’s, proceeding North on Rt. 4 picking up at the end of the Mt.Blue Pond Road @ 7:10. She will then proceed to Avon Valley Road turning around at Hare Street. She will then go back to Rt. 4, (North) turning onto the Dodge Road. She will then go to Ross Avenue and then to Phillips Elementary School to drop off. She will then go to Pinkham Hill, back to PES and then on to Mt. Abram High School by 8:00.
In-town Phillips/Mile Square Run – Mike White
will leave the bus garage at 6:25 AM, picking up students on the way to Phillips. He will pick up on Davenport Flat at 6:40 and then on to Wheeler Hill Road, Parlin Road, Bridge Hill to Mile Square, first stopping at Thorndike’s on right and Pinkham’s on the left, continuing on around Mile Square, then back to Phillips Village, Pleasant St, Whitney St, Sawyer St, Maine Street and on to the Elementary School to drop off children. He will then go back through Main St picking up high school students at 7:35 and on to Mt. Abram High School.
Carrabassett to Stratton- Joel Swimm
will pick up at Tufulio’s @ 7:15, Reddington @ 7; 25, Anti gravity Center 7:30, and then on to Stratton Elementary School.
Salem and Freeman Runs – Deb Johnson
will depart the Kingfield School @ 6:40 picking up students on the Foster Hill Road, then to Baker Hill Road , Rt. 142, out and back to Kingfield School by 7:30. She will leave the Kingfield School for the Freeman Ridge Road returning to the school by 7:45. She will proceed to Mt. Abram High School arriving there by 8:00.
West Kingfield Road – John Shaw
will leave the bus garage at 7:00 AM to go to the West Kingfield Road, turning at the Day Pond Road. He will go back down West Kingfield Road turning into Old Parkway and then back to Rt. 27. He will then go to Church Street, School Street and on the elementary school dropping off students. He will then return to the center of town to pick up high school students, departing @ 7:45.
Kingfield Run – Jane Lane
will leave the Kingfield School at 7:00 AM and go to the Deer Farm Rd. From there she will go around the Narrow Gauge Park, then to the Kingfield Woodsman Restaurant. She will proceed to the center of town to drop off high school students. She will then proceed to Maple St., Rt. 16, and Riverside Street and then back to the center of town to drop off high school students. She will reurn to the elementary school by 7:45.
Carrabassett Valley Run – Bill Munzer
will pick up at Mountainside Grocery at 7:00. He will pick up along Rt. 27 turning onto the Carriage Road, arriving at Tufulio’s at 7:20.He will continue on to the Kingfield School dropping off elementary students and transferring the high school students to the Salem bus.
Taylor Hill Run – Larone Crockett
will depart the Strong School @ 6:20 am. He will pick up at the Burton residence on Taylor Hill at 6:35 AM. He will then proceed to the Spaulding Rd., the Pillsbury Road, and Hunter Road picking up students on Norton Hill and on to school by 7:00. He will then proceed to Tory Hill, arriving at the Rothschild residence at 7:10, returning to school by 7:30.
South Strong Road/Church Hill Run
The bus will leave the Strong School at 6:40, picking up along the South Strong Road. The bus will be at Tyler’s Autobody at 7:15, picking up on Main Street about 7:20, arriving at Strong School at 7:25. The bus will then go to Church Hill and return to the Strong School by 7:35.
Burbank Hill Road Run –
The bus will depart the Strong School at 6:50am. It will travel to Rt. 149 arriving at the Hill’s residence at 7:00. The bus will then turn around and go to Montford Drive in Strong. It will then go to Rt. 4 turning at the Country Delight at 7:25. The bus will drop off at the Strong School at 7:35 and depart for Mt. Abram High School, arriving there at 8:00.
Salem Freeman Run – Denny Atkinson
will depart the bus garage at 6:40. He will pick up students on Bubier Road then Lovejoy Road, then to Salem General Store nd turn around..He will then proceed to the Baker Hill Road where he will turn around and go to the Foster Hill Road. He will turn onto Gilkey Hill Road, go to the top and turn around by 7:20. He will then proceed to the Strong School arriving at the school by 7:30. He will then go to Mt. Abram High School.
Foster Tech Run-
The bus will pick up at Fotters in Stratton around 6:05, Reddington in CV at 6:15, Camden National Bank, Kingfield at 6:30, Mt.Abram at 6:50, Paul G. Building in Phillips at 7:00, Beal’s in Strong at 7:15, arriving at Mt. Blue High School at 7:45 am.
Stratton/Eustis – Mel Bouboulis
will pick at Eustis Village at 6:55 AM. He will meet the Eustis Ridge bus at the Pines Market at 7:05. He will then pick up students on Rt. 27 South stopping at Northland, Old Dead River Rd., turning around at the Jackson house arriving at Stratton School at 7:15. He will then proceed to the Community Building, Fotter’s Field, Newell’s Construction, Hunter Hill, and driveway before the Mt. View Motel continuing on to Mt. Abram High School arriving around 8:00.
In-Town Stratton/Eustis – Ann Thurlow
will begin picking up on Eustis Ridge Rd. at 6:55 AM, continuing on to Porter Nadeau Road, She will then go to the Pines Market to meet Mel Bouboulis at 7:05. She will proceed to the top of Perry Road, Glidden Development, back to town at T&L’s at about 7:30. She will turn onto Sargent Avenue, back to Rt.27. She will pick up at the Country Mile then to School St. dropping off at the Stratton school at 7:45. She will then go to the Old Dead River Road and back to school by 7:55.
– Students will be picked up at the Corner of Rt 16 and the Kennebago Road at 6:55 A.M. High School students will be dropped off at the community buildingr to meet Mel Bouboulis’ bus .The bus will then to go to Hunter Hill, Hedgehog Village and back to Stratton School by 7:45.
7:15 – Eustis Village, 7:20 – Bottom of Perry Rd., 7:22 – Copper Cauldron, 7:23 – Across from Pines Market, 7:25 – Eustis Ridge Rd., 7:27 – Porta Nadeau Road (sometimes), 7:30 – Boneheads, 7:33 – Corner of Rt. 16 and Rt. 27, 7:35 – Bachelder Farm on Rt. 16. Turn around at State sand pit, 7:40 – White Wolf Restaurant, Corner of McCutcheon Drive, Country Charm, School Street – Stratton Homes, 7:45 – Blanchard St.,
7:48 – Corner of Blanchard and Rt. 27, 7:49 – Country Mile Apartments, 7:50 – Corner of Pine St. & Rt. 27, Right on School St., 7:55 – Flagstaff Apartments.
6:55 Outer Rt. #16 – High School Run, 7:07 Church in Stratton, 7:20 6.7 Miles on Rt. #16 – Elementary Run, 7:24 8.8 Miles out on Rt. #16, 7:37 Hunter Hill, 7:45 Stop across from Harvest Hill, 7:47 Porcupine Trail (Hedge Hog Loop), 7:49 At the corner of Porcupine Trail and Mountainside Road, 7:52 Corner of Currie Rd., 7:53 Corner of Spaulding Drive.

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