Government control of the lives of U.S. citizens appears to be the objective of the various Democrat/Obama health care proposals. Dr. Thomas Shields’ letter of Aug. 4 questioned why the medical care of the entire population of this country is being manipulated in these political plans when only a small percentage of citizens truly cannot afford health insurance. Surveys are reported to show at least 80 percent of the population is satisfied with their current health insurance.

So, what’s the rush?

Almost all agree that any federal health plan will be expensive, no matter what form it takes. Can we really afford this additional expense at this time? The Obama administration and Democrats in their first six months have already spent us into a deficit three to four times greater than the Bush Republicans deficit.

If there are to be cost controls, rationing of health care will occur. This will be a shock to Medicare and Medicaid patients, and other plans’ clients where they have no limits on the number of tests, treatments, which doctors they can visit and how often.

No matter what legislation emerges, the costs will be underestimated due to: 1) making the health care plan seem acceptable, 2) the demand for services by a previously under-served population has never been successfully anticipated. If enacted, the second year will require a large increase in funding and taxation. This pattern has been repeated frequently in the past.

Congress controlled by either party acts the same.

Jim Walker, Auburn

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