Wedding superstitions

• Feed a cat out of your wedding shoe for good luck. *
• Enter and leave the church on your right foot for luck and happiness in the years to come. *
• Wear gold earrings on you wedding day to achieve eternal bliss. *
• Put a dime in your left shoe for riches. *
• Carry a handkerchief or a lacy family heirloom for luck. (A bride who cries on her wedding day is never supposed to shed another tear about her marriage.)
• It has been said that if the groom saw the bride before the ceremony, she would not be pure and new. If the bride saw herself in a mirror before the wedding, she would leave some of herself behind in the reflection.
• Wear something blue for purity, fidelity and love.
• An old Chinese proverb says a bride and groom should marry on the half-hour rather than the top of the hour so they may begin their new lives together on an “up-swing!”
• European custom says to bake a large loaf of bread in the shape of two entwined hearts, with the couple’s names to symbolize the food of life and fidelity.
*Brides Magazine

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