100 years ago, 1909

For the second time within the past few months the Sheriff’s deputies raided Linney Bros. Fish Market, lower Lisbon Street, Lewiston, yesterday afternoon and seized several barrels of cider. John Linney was arrested, but immediately furnished bail for his appearance before the Lewiston Municipal Court this morning.

50 years ago, 1959

Lewiston police have eight G-men and seven of them are on the day watch.

A member of the department noted yesterday that seven of the eight officers whose last names begin with the letter G are assigned to the day watch. The patrolmen are Eugene Gurney, Robert Gladu, Marcel Guay, Gerald Gagne, Ronaldo Guenette and Antoine Grenier. The seventh man is Herve J. Gendreau.

Sgt. Gerald Gilbert, the other G-man, is assigned to the morning watch.

25 years ago, 1984

Hebron Academy opens for its 180th year with another record-breaking enrollment of 270 students. The Academy has also increased its day student population this year to 76 students, and has taken on 60 boarding girls.

After a three-day orientation for new faculty, dormitory supervisors and students proctors at Camp Timanous in Raymond, football and soccer players are invited back for a week of pre-season practice starting Sept. 5. Hebron Academy will officially open for the 1984-85 year on Sept. 9 with classes beginning on Sept. 10.

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