Warm your home with a woodstove that qualifies for IRS Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

The IRS released its guidelines for the tax credit for purchasing energy efficient stoves, qualifying the majority of Jøtul wood stoves and inserts for the credit.

The tax credit is part of the 2009 Economic Stimulus Act and is retroactive to wood stoves and inserts purchased anytime in the calendar year of 2009 as well as throughout 2010. The new provisions provide a 30% tax credit, up to $1,500, for the purchase of a 75%-efficient biomass-burning stove as measured using a lower heating value. Taxpayers who purchase a qualified stove in 2009 or 2010 will receive the credit at tax time.
“This tax credit comes at the perfect time – when people are trying to make their homes more energy efficient and less reliant on foreign oil, but are having difficulty making the transition due to the economy,” notes Bret Watson, president, Jøtul North America. “This credit basically gives 30% off the purchase price of the stoves – up to $1,500 – making them much more affordable to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to consider this option. Not only will taxpayers save money now through the tax credit, but they will save money on their heating bills in the years to come by buying these energy efficient stoves.”
Ember Stoves will provide a certification statement on all qualified stoves for taxpayers to use as proof of the stove’s qualification for the tax credit. For more information, contact Embers Stoves & Fireplaces, South Portland, 207-221-8242, www.embersstoveshop.com.

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