Two late-season holes-in-one highlighted area golf action last week.

Allyn Bain of Industry carded an ace on No. 7 at Wilson Lake Country Club in Wilton. Bain used a 7-iron to cover 140 yards. Damon Waltz and Katie McLellan witnessed the feat.

Mary Brandes produced a hole-in-one on the 130-yard eighth hole at Belgrade Lakes Golf Club during a WMSGA tournament. Martha White, Pennie Cummings and Kristin Kannegieser were Brandes’ playing partners.


POLAND – Men’s Association two-ball: Gary & Robert Lapointe -12, P.G. Cote/Pete Godin -11. Pins, No. 11, Ralph Barkhouse 3-5, Jil Dionne 8-7; No. 13, John Moreau 3-8, P.G. Cote 7-3.

ABCD two-ball: Net, Mark Pontbriand/Paul Cote/Louis St. Laurent/Jake Congleton 118, David Bailey/Bob Bolduc/Robert Brousseau/Robert Lapointe 125, John Lever/Larry Thistle/Hal Tranter/Dave Vachon126, J.R. Levasseur/Ralph Barkhouse/Richard Cote/Len Winsky 126. Pins,No. 11, Rico Arnoldy 9-8, Mark Pontbriand 15-7 1/2; No. 13, Larry Thistle 9-4, Bob Brousseau 11-4. Bob Lamontagne won a paid membership to Fairlawn GC.

Seniors, Sept. 23 shambles: J.R. Levasseir/Cap Coombs/Jake Congleton/Dave Brown -45 John Moreau/Dick Sylvain/Bill Kennedy/Norm Verville -43, Claude Lesperance/Bob Sherburne/Len Winsky/Paul Dumont -39. Pins, No. 11, Bob Grenier 1-6, Marcel Mathieu 7-1, J.R. Levasseur 7-8; No. 13, Bill Kennedy 26-0, Len Winsky 38-6, Dick Sylvain 49-4.

Seniors, Sept. 30 shambles: Dick Boucher/Dick Sylvain/Bill Vassar/Ray Leclair -39, Claude Lesperance/Frank Folsom/Norm Polley/Dave Brown -38, Bob Grenier/Cap Coombs/Charley Stone/Fern Barriault -34. Pins, No. 11, Fern Barriault 4-6, Norm Polley 13-2, Dick Sylvain 13-9; No. 13, Fern Barriault 22-11, Norm Bilodeau 26-8, Dick Sylvain 28-2.

Club notes: Fall scrambles begin Nov. 1 and are open to the public.  


LEEDS – Oct. 11, Blind draw: Gross, Trent Murphy/Jim Fennessy 70; Net, Scott Eldridge/Tom Haefele 58. Pins, No. 2, Trent Murphy 25-0; No. 8, Rick Carleton 4-1; No. 13, Gerry Laroche 15-9. Skins, gross and net, Tom Haefele (No. 6, 14), Rick Carleton (8), Dave Cowan (10), Jay Hopkins (17, 18).

Fall Finale: Gross, Ray Convery/Merissa Beaulieu/Ron Wing/Scott Wing 65, Laurie Gifford/Todd Gifford/Tip Fairchild/Bill Fairchild 69, Ray Roy/Dan Parent/Bill Crane/Tom Crocker 69; Net, Jean Pratt/Carl Pratt/Dave Kus/Bob Cochran 55, Rita Howard/Rich Howard/Debbie Marshall/Ron Leeman 57, Becky Laliberte/Steve Dyer/Anita Thayer/Connie Pettis 60, Jeff Kent/Carmen Cohen/Rachel Newman/John Gross 60. Pin, No. 2, Tip Fairchild 13-2; No. 8, Bob Cochran 21-5; No. 13, Bill Crane 6-2; No. 15, Ron Wing, 5-2. Long drives, Green, Rachel Newman; Black, Mike Wing.

Saturday, Oct. 10: Gross, Brad Pattershall (2), Jay Hopkins (3); Net, Jay Hopkins (3), Jim Fennessy (5), Dick Metivier (8), Bob Tremblay (12). Pins, No. 2, Brad Pattershall 36-0; No. 8, Jay Levasseur 15-6; No. 13, Dick Therrien 11-5; No. 15, Brad Pattershall 34-0.

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