This is in response to an article in the Sun Journal on Oct. 7.

I was appalled to find such a small article, reporting that a Maine soldier, Sgt. Joshua Kirk of South Portland, was killed in Afghanistan. It went on to further state that about 50 family members watched as the flag-draped “transfer case” was removed from a military cargo plane at Dover Air Force Base.

No background information about Sgt. Kirk was given, and little fanfare was given by the newspaper.

The public deserves to know, in bold letters on the front page, that a Maine servicemen has given his life for his country. Has the Sun Journal gotten so callous to the deaths of Maine soldiers that it gives attention to a Rumford lawyer’s misconduct on page one, but buries the story about a hero’s death on page 7?

Our soldiers deserve newsworthy respect before almost anything else I see printed on the front page of the paper of Oct. 7.

I respectfully request a full story published about this soldier. He deserves more attention, as well as his grieving family.

Sandi Gammon, Auburn

Editor’s Note: A full story about Sgt. Kirk was published on Oct. 8, on page A5. 

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