In November, registered voters will be voting on the same-sex marriage issue that is making folks spend a lot of money that could be better spent on feeding the needy.

Before I cast my vote, I’d like some answers about some issues that are more important to me than same-sex marriage being taught in schools:

How will a lesbian couple introduce themselves? “This is my husband, Jane,” or “This is my wife, Charlie?” Or do they continue to say “This is my partner?”

How does a gay couple introduce themselves? “This is my wife, Charlie,” or “This is my husband, Nancy?”

Talk about confusing kids in the second grade.

What concerns me is the additional tax burden that will be imposed on taxpayers by the court system to resolve all the issues associated with this shake-up in our traditional system.

Civil union in Maine has worked for years. Can someone really convince me that it has to change?

My mind is still open.

Al Pelletier, Norway

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